BitOwl Application Suite:BitOwl Application Suite is a complete redisign of BitOwl News.  In addition to news publishing, BitOwl Application Suite can create gallerys, and as a bonus, can be used to add an administrator login on your site.


Intallation Guide To install extract the content of the zip to its own directory of your site.  Go to that directory to run the installer then read the postinstall.html in the docs directory.  Upgrades from BOAS 1.2.0 are supported by pointing BOAS 2 to your old install, but you will lose the polls script.


General Feature List
  1. General
    • Templates
    • Translatable
    • Flatfile or MySQL support
  2. News
    • Defined Categories (Up to 32)
    • Multiple Categories per news Item
    • RSS Feeds
    • Attachments (Images and files)
  3. Gallery
    • Sub-albums
    • watermarking
    • JPG and PNG support


List of Releases Stable: